Renewable Energy Related Services of Pouya Rahbord Group | esprco
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Renewable Energy Related Services of Pouya Rahbord Group

  • Carrying out studies at the stages of the project’s genesis;
  • Feasibility study on technical and economic projects of new energy projects;
  • Basic design and detailed design;
  • Supervision over implementation and launching until the time of exploitation for power plant projects;
  • Planning new energy studies in the fields of wind, solar, geothermal, biomass and hydrogen;
  • Processes and dependent technologies of distribution and transmission of power networks;
  • Power system design and studies;
  • Designing optimization strategies for energy consumption;
  • Producing, promoting, developing, contextualization and upgrading knowledge in the field of renewable energy technology;
  • Financing projects through the absorption of bank facilities, attracting foreign partners through finance or civil partnership, and other commonly used legal methods.