Marketing Management Services of Pouya Rahbord Group | esprco
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Marketing Management Services of Pouya Rahbord Group

  • Providing marketing plan, implementation and control of it;
  • conducting studies, examining and recognizing the position of the firm and the product in the market;
  • Checking and evaluating new business entry;
  • Scrutiny and evaluate the entry of a product or service to the market;
  • Designing strategic planning of internal and external market development;
  • Strategic planning and design for exporting domestic products in direct and indirect ways in target countries;
  • Designing strategic plans for foreign product representatives or cooperating in obtaining exclusive representation of High tech products;
  • Evaluating customer satisfaction (CSM) and employee satisfaction (ESM), distribution factors and other stakeholders;
  • Stabilization and development of the market in the fields of technology, industry and tourism;
  • Designing and developing brand management and brand valuation;
  • Design and development of a marketing plan for organizations and institutions;
  • Field studies and evaluation and forecasting of product markets;
  • Developing ideological planning in business and evaluating competitors;
  • Consulting services, educational planning, research and operational assistance related to marketing strategies and operations of an organization;
  • Analysis and compilation of marketing strategy, policy making for manner of presenting products, issues of competitors;
  • Market segmentation;
  • Providing operational solutions to reduce export risk in the sanctions environment for exporting domestic products;