Management Contracting Services of Pouya Rahbord Group | esprco
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Management Contracting Services of Pouya Rahbord Group

  • Comprehensive redefinition of the project and preparation of failure structure along with the employer;
  • Feasibility and project justification studies with the employer;
  • Developing and defining solutions and strategies for achieving high value added goals;
  • Methodology compilation services and implementation organization:
  • Preparation and submission of technical and legal documents for tenders and consulting contracts, design, procurement, installation and implementation;
  • Reviewing and commenting on the methods of implementation and proposing a suitable method for the employer;
  • Separation of the services and scheme operations of the project into various projects and activities in terms of assignment to the executive (consulting engineers, builders and sellers, technical inspectors and contractors) and determine their interfaces according to the chosen method for implementation of the plan;
  • Review and comment on selected technology for the preparation and implementation of the scheme at any stage of the project;
  • Preparation of organizational chart of scheme Implementation and determination of the general description of the tasks of the executive agents and how they relate to the various activities of engineering, procurement, construction, installation, commissioning, operation and delivery according to the chosen method of the scheme implementation;
  • Determine the method of workflow for various engineering activities, procurement of goods, building and installation, commissioning, exploitation as testing and delivery, and the preparation of forms, instructions and relevant documents;
  • To establish and maintain coordination between the activities of the plan and its implementing agents;
  • Superior supervision and handling matters of treaty;
  • Negotiation with contractors and suppliers;
  • Assessment of technical and commercial documents of contractors, consultants and suppliers;
  • Performing all stages of finalization and initial Launching of projects and delivery to the employer;