Logo Description of Pouya Rahbord Innovation Group | Pouya Rahbord Group
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Logo Description of Pouya Rahbord Innovation Group

The logo of each company indicates the identity, targets, and ideals of the organization. The Pouya Rahbord innovation group is constantly looking to improve its position in the business environment. The continuation of this development requires the production of higher value added for the economic entities which contracted us. The priorities of the innovation group are entrepreneurship and employment, the environment, the optimal use of resources and the export-oriented attitude, and these priorities have been conceptually presented in the company logo. Accordingly, the designed logo includes the factors mentioned below, which we will describe in the following.

The main circle of the logo implies the supremacy of the ideals and goals of the innovation group, the blue color of which in the circle represents natural resources, especially water, which highlights the importance of preserving natural resources and the need for proper management of resources that must be avoided from destroying these resources. The component of the green way that passes through the middle of the circle and is not restricted to it, indicates the preservation of the environment as the basis for the economic activity; hence, the verdict of environmental protection is at the top of the activities. The three upward ascent bars represent a steady development in the industry, mining, and the economy, with the blue color representing industry and mining and green as a pure intellectual base with healthy competition.