Economic Services of Pouya Rahbord Group | Pouya Rahbord Group
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Economic Services of Pouya Rahbord Group

  • Consult in Investing;
  • Identify investment opportunities;
  • Market research and evaluation;
  • Pre-feasibility studies and feasibility studies for technical, economical and financial plans and projects and attendance at the sessions of scheme defense;
  • Design, planning and investment management;
  • Location and modeling;
  • Scrutiny of economic issues;
  • Sectoral studies, planning and budgeting, and, in general, techniques and methods in the field of economics required by the industry, department or organization;
  • Providing advice on laws and regulations, benefits, incentives and facilities for foreign investment in the country;
  • Conduct technical talks between foreign investors with owners of investment schemes and domestic partners;
  • Modeling a variety of financing methods, in particular the new collaborative international financing methods;
  • Monitoring the implementation of investment schemes and analyzing civil and legal responsibilities of partners in the schemes;
  • Assess and analyze customer risk in order to design assets management model;
  • Pathological studies and Identify business problem;
  • Collaboration with domestic and international institutions in the economic services sector;
  • Designing ecosystem of entrepreneurship related to innovation and technology including risky and venture capital;
  • Evaluation and management of projects and schemes based on the public-private partnership process;
  • Designing new financial tools proportional to the needs of customers;
  • Market studies to identify investors’ opportunities;
  • Providing consulting services to solve economic and managerial problems of economical organizations and enterprises;
  • Fundamental applied research in the economic and management areas of private and public economical organizations and enterprises;
  • Design, compilation and presentation of internal and external financing methods and schemes;
  • Providing financial and accounting management services (analyzing financial indicators and analyzing the head point and etc.);
  • Economic evaluation of projects in accordance with the most appropriate scientific patterns;
  • Providing advice on laws and regulations, benefits, incentives and domestic and foreign facilities for Iranian investors abroad;