Commercial | Pouya Rahbord Group
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The Pouya Rahbord’s Innovation Group, based on the needs of its domestic and international customers and in accordance with the rules of commerce and related services, proceeds to supply the goods demanded by customers.

The company, while designing processes and administrative regulations, to examine and select the actual orders and offers, is always striving to provide the best commercial conditions, including timely transfer, quality control in delivery and transportation, customer satisfaction of the price, to develop for our own business partners. The importance of long-term contracts (Long-Term Agreement) and the presence of exclusive agents in target markets or supplying the needs of manufacturing units are among the priorities of the company, and through this, we have been able to have a sustainable presence in the regional and European markets. Major commercial projects which have been undertaken by this group either independently or collaboratively and in the form of contracts for the delivery of SPOT and Long-Term are:

  • Exporting Iranian petrochemical products to Italy, Turkey, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Russia
  • Exporting consumable stone which used in construction, to Iraq, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Russia, and Georgia
  • Exporting ceramic and tile types to Iraq
  • Exporting steel sections (profiles) to Iraq
  • Exporting Iran’s production bar to Iraq and Turkey
  • Exporting electrical components and equipment which are consumable in construction to Iraq
  • Exporting galvanized and colored sheets of Mobarakeh Steel production to Iraq
  • Exporting the products of the food industry in the field of pickles and jam and their similar products to Iraq
  • Exporting mineral water and dough to Iraq
  • Exporting dried fruits and dates to the countries of Italy and Bulgaria
  • Exporting gas oil products to Afghanistan and Iraq
  • Exporting Iranian petroleum products to Georgia and Iraq
  • Importing Machinery consumable in ports and dry ports from Linde of England
  • Importing heavy alloy steel sections from Italy
  • Importing instrumentation equipment used in production lines and oil industries
  • Importing ASN aluminum ingots from Russia
  • Importing Know-How technologies and production procedures of Medical products and related industries
  • This group has the scientific, experimental and facilities for exporting products of our beloved country as a case or permanent exclusive representation in the CIS, Turkey, Iraq, Bulgaria, Romania, and Italy.
  • Also, taking into account the existing international conditions, we are able to supply raw materials, machinery and needs of producers and consumers of our country.

Commercial Affairs:

  • Establishing branches, representations and sales agents within the country and target markets;
  • Establishment of a guaranteed business line with the customers in target countries;
  • Discovery of the competitive price of goods in the target market;
  • Providing international commercial contracts and documents;
  • Providing commercial capital through buyer credit or vendor credit;
  • Create capillary distribution systems in the target market for manufacturers;
  • Develop strategies and operational plans for a sustainable presence in the target market;
  • Identification of foreign supply sources for importing;
  • Identification of foreign target markets for exporting;
  • Providing professional marketing consulting and system implementation services;
  • Providing consulting services in the implementation of value added systems in business;