Introducing Pouya Rahbord Innovation Group | esprco
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Introducing Pouya Rahbord Innovation Group

Pouya Rahbord’s innovation group has started its activities in the field of technical and engineering services for industrial and petroleum projects in the form of consulting and contracting began and from the late 80’s turned its activities in management services in the field of economics and commerce. The expertise and capabilities of this group in the field of design and construction (EPC) in domestic and international projects have created communications and specialist positions for providing the best possible service to customers.

The foundation of the group’s activities is the field of services (economic, marketing management) and commerce (based on exports and based on public trading).

In the service sector, Pouya Rahbord Innovation Group seeks to solve the economic and management problems of large and small enterprises using the latest and most appropriate scientific tools and methods. In addition, in the commercial sector, by establishing specialized databases in countries and target markets, it has been able to provide qualified services to producers and exporters and to work to promote the country’s economic level. On the other hand, in view of the company’s vision of maintaining environmental protection as one of its priorities, it works in highly specialized and professionalized projects related to renewable energy. The company has been able to become active as a professional and specialty company by its management and its key members through internationally accredited specialized courses.

Pouya Rahbord Innovation Group, by scrutinizing and identifying the problems of its industries and economic enterprises in agreement of us, and providing appropriate scientific and operational solutions for solving problems and anticipating future barriers through its scientific and communication methods and continuing its partnership with the company in agreement of us, have been able to attract their employers’ trust. It is clear that long-term contracts with employers reflect the depth of the relationship and the actual power of the company.